Policies, Rules and Regulations

Implemented April 2015

The Policies, Rules and Regulations herein supplement the Constitution of The Prince Albert Ringette Association (the “Association”) and provide the day-to-day operational guidelines of the Association. In the event of any conflict between the Constitution and these policies, rule and regulations, the Constitution shall prevail.




  • Individual player registrations will be accepted on a continuous basis throughout the playing season. Coaches will be expected to accept new players throughout the playing season. Late registrants may be ineligible to play in tournaments, Provincials, Westerns and/or Nationals.


  • Registration fee, tryout fees, payment structure and refunds will be determined and approved by the Board of Directors for each playing season.


  • Players not having paid all fees by the determined date will not be allowed on the Association ice.


  • The Association will use the Association Draft System for the selection of all teams in all tiers at U10 and older age divisions.


  • Registration of teams and players will be received to the Ringette Association of Saskatchewan no later than November 1st of each year.


  • Players not properly registered will not be allowed to participate in any sanctioned Association function. Players added after January 31st may not be eligible for Playdowns or Provincials.


  • Once a player is assigned to a team, that player may not move to another team without the approval of the Board of Directors.


  • The Players age, as of December 31st of the current playing season, shall determine the division of the player:


         U9                       7 and younger

         U10                     8 and 9 years

         U12                     10 and 11 years

         U14                     12 and 13 years

         U16                     14 and 15 years

         U19                     16 to 18 years

         18+                      18 years and older

         Masters                30 years and older


  • Players many only move up an age division upon approval by the Board of Directors in extenuating circumstances. When there is a ―AA‖ team in a division there will be NO PLAYER MOVEMENT allowed between ―AA‖ division teams. After application to the Board of Directors, the player making application to move up must make the highest tiered team in the next level, or move back to her own age group.


  • Players in a non-tiered division must make application to the Board of Directors to move up prior to the formation of teams.


  • Once a player has moved up an age division, she cannot revert back in that playing year, exception: goal tenders in all age divisions may be moved by the Board of Directors as necessary.


  • Registered Prince Albert Teams must have a minimum of 10 registered players.


  • Players may affiliate to a higher level team with the concurrence of coaches, the player’s parents or guardians and the Board of Directors.


  • If necessary, players may be picked up for tournaments, Provincials, Westerns and/or Nationals with the concurrence of coaches, the player’s parents or guardians and the Board of Directors and Tournament Committee, where applicable.


  • For league games, coaches are not allowed to pick up players unless they have less than 11 players from their own registered team. Coaches may pick up players to fill their roster to a maximum of 11 players. Teams that are preparing for Provincials, Westerns and/or Nationals may pick up their affiliate roster from February 15th of each playing season and onward, in order to give these players a chance to get the experience they need to play on that team.


  • No goalie pick-ups will be allowed in the U12 division or below unless to fill a roster to 11 players.


  • In the U10, U12, U14 and U16B divisions – no one player will be allowed to play more than 3 games per team in the division above, with the exception of goalies, which will be rotated equally when necessary.


  • Coaches violating 15, 16 and 17 above, will be subject to a 2 game suspension from regular league play.


  • All requests for releases will be discussed at a Board of Directors meeting before decisions are made.




  • Will be presented to each registrant at or prior to registration, and will reference this Policies and Procedures Manual.


  • Code of Conduct needs to be signed and returned to Prince Albert Ringette Association Director of Ice time, Coaching and Officials prior to first regular season game.


  • Violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported via complaints link at within 48 hours of incident.


  • Violations of the Code of Conduct by anyone involved with the Prince Albert Ringette Association, be it, Player, Coach, Team Official, On Ice Official, or Spectator will be handled as follows.


  • The Prince Albert Ringette Association Board will meet within 48 hours of the League Commissioner/Board Member receiving the official complaint(s) and determine such sanctions, if any, that may be implemented. The Board shall then notify the Executive within 24 hours of its recommendation(s) and any sanctions that may be implemented. The Executive shall vote on the Board recommendation(s) within 24 hours. The Board or designate shall notify the affected member(s) on the submitted complaint in writing within 24 hours.


  • All complaints submitted to the Board will be considered valid and shall be dealt with by the Board as outlined. Complaints must be in the form of writing, submitted to the League Commissioner/ Board Member and must be signed by the complainant(s).


  • The Member(s) named on the Complaint(s) have the right to present an appeal either verbally or in writing.  If submission is written, it must be signed and submitted to the Secretary as outlined in Appeals.


  • The Board will take actions deemed appropriate for the nature of the Complaint. The actions and decisions of the Executive are final with no further appeals permitted. If the Executive are aware of an incident that does not allow the outlined time frame to be followed, the Executive may vote, majority rule, which the affected member(s) will be placed on immediate suspension from any and all Ringette related activities, until such time that the Executive may address the complaint.


  • The Board or Designate will inform the submitter(s) of the actions taken.


  • Offenses will be handled as follows


First offense                Written Warning

Second offense           Suspension

Third Offense             More severe Suspension

Forth Offense             Expulsion from Ringette for the remainder of the season.


  • The Board reserves the right to expedite the suspension process.


  • All complaints will be taken seriously, however repeat allegations proven false could result in disciplinary action against party placing complaints.




  • It is mandatory for all players to wear CSA approved helmets with approved face masks, knee and shin guard, elbow pads, hip tailbone and pelvic protection, heavy gloves, BNQ approved close fitting throat protectors and hockey type skates. Ringette approved sticks must be used. Officials will not allow improperly dressed or equipped players to participate.


  • Shoulder pads and internal mouth guards are recommended by the Association


  • The Association will supply a jersey to each member of each team, for the use of games in the ringette season.


  • A non-refundable surcharge may be applied per player for equipment replacement and repairs.


  • A uniform deposit will be applied to each member for the use of the uniforms.


  • A $50 post-dated cheque for the uniform deposit will be required upon dispensing of uniforms.


  • A refund will be issued upon return of all uniforms by March 31.



  • A fine may be issued for lost, stolen or non-returned Association equipment or uniforms.


  • Long pants are mandatory for division attending Westerns and/or Nationals.


  • Long pants are recommended for all divisions.


  • The Association will supply jersey and rings for scrimmages during tryouts.

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